So what Does My EFC Code for School Funding Suggest?

So what Does My EFC Code for School Funding Suggest?

Student With EFC of 01401

This student qualifies for a lot of need-based help:

  • Pell Grant $4,365
  • Federal Subsidized Loan $3,500
  • Federal Unsubsidized Loan $2,000

The cost of attendance is still $30,135 after the allotted federal aid. Consequently, the college adds:

  • College need-based grant of $17,000
  • University loan that is need-based of5,200
  • Merit-based scholarship of $6,500

This brings the pupil’s total cost of attendance right down to $1,435. (Note: These numbers are arbitrary to provide you with a sense of what sort of university might award school funding.)

Merit Student With EFC of 20000

Several times, pupils and families think because they do not qualify for need that they cannot apply to a school that is anywhere outside of their budget. Nonetheless, schools with big endowments frequently have the resources to simply help fund an education that is entire. This merit pupil don’t be eligible for any loans that are need-based funds. Having said that, she’s won a nationwide competition, is mixed up in community in volunteering, and holds leadership jobs in two groups in school. click this Her aid that is financial might such as this:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Loan $5,500
  • College-Based leadership Award $8,000
  • College-Based Community Service Grand $5,000
  • Departmental Award through the student’s meant major $20,000

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